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Healthcare Team Work Experience

Healthcare Team Work Experience: Data / Intelligence

How We Measure Physician Work Experience

AHP Work Experience

Measurement/Net Promoter Score FAQs 

What is the Net Promoter Question?

The Net Promoter questions ask clinicians to answer: How likely are you to recommend UCSF Health as a place to work overall, work clinically and as a place to come for care?

Providers also write in comments about what is working well and what could be improved.

Who is surveyed and when?

Physicians and AHPs have been surveyed annually by UCSF Health since FY15. The survey is conducted out of the Office of UCSF Health Experience. The last survey was in March 2019 and the next will be in February 2020. Primary care clinic net promoter data comes from the STEP survey conducted by a different group led by Coleen Kivlahan, Kevin Grumbach and Margae Knox, and that data is rolled into the annual NPS data. AHP data can be requested from Mitch Erickson.

What are the organizational targets and performance?

The FY19 UCSF Health physician clinical work NPS target was +9. We achieved +7. 

FY19 Results:

FY18 Results:

FY17 Results:

All groups should aim to set targets that improve upon their baseline.

How can I find the baseline data for my provider group?

The attached master table contains the Physician NPS and mean scores by clinical department and division. Not all practices have data specific to their clinic/unit. In those cases, a provider group can use the division/department level data as the baseline. AHP data can be requested for services that have AHP n>10.

What if my group doesn’t have an NPS because there are less than 10 respondents?

NPS can only be calculated when there are 10 or more responses. For groups with lower response numbers, the mean score can be used as a baseline for improvement. Alternatively, other specific metrics evaluating specific focus areas could be used instead. For example, if the group wants to work on how well MDs, AHPs and staff on the team work together, the group could choose to do a baseline measure of that using a basic survey tool with a goal to improve performance on that specific question over time.

How can we better understand the problems/root causes?

Leaders can help to begin discussions with physician groups to better understand areas for improvement in the clinical setting.

To help with how to have conversations on this topic: several references are available:

What are some improvements that have resulted from this survey?

Examples of improvements supporting UCSF physician work experience include:

  • Organizational: scribes, PEAK program, faculty physician lounge, celebration of annual Doctors Day, inclusion of physicians in Incentive Award Program bonus payments, quality RVUs, Zoom remote video conferencing, Leader dinners, Resilience Skills Classes, Caring for the Caregiver, Kanbar ACLS/BLS/PALS courses
  • Departmental/Divisional: salary support, hiring more faculty to allow for predictability in schedules and appropriate non clinical time, hiring of research assistants and support staff, faculty retreats focused on improvements
  • Clinical: adjusting staff support, in basket management to decrease message burden to physicians, improvements to inefficient clinical processes, apex enhancements, apex experts routinely attending ambulatory True North Rounds

Please reach out to Diane Sliwka, MD or Ken Fong with questions regarding Net Promoter Scores or Physician Work Experience and Mitch Erickson regarding AHP Work Experience.

Related Work Experience Data at UCSF

  • Gallup Staff Engagement Survey
  • Faculty Climate Survey: The last Faculty Climate Survey was performed in 2017, and results can be found here.
  • Faculty Exit Survey: UCSF Faculty Exit Survey Reports are on the Academic Affairs website (click here).


Healthcare Team Work Experience: Improvement

Improvement of Physician Work Experience


Specific Improvements at UCSF (Under Construction)

  • Clinical Efficiency

    • Scribes 

    • In Basket Optimization

    • APEX Coaching, Build, Efficiency Reports

  • Well Being Resources

    • Caring for the Caregiver 

      • Peer Support Program

      • Schwartz Rounds

      • Resources

  • Great Reads Book Club 

  • Lounges

    • Physician Faculty Lounge at Parnassus

    • Coming soon: Physician Surgical Lounge at Parnassus

  • Family Friendly Initiatives (Increasing child bearing leave)

  • Local Highlight Stories at UCSF Health's Cardiology, Hepatology, Head & Neck and Pediatric Primary Care practices

Improvement of AHP Work Experience (under construction)

Provider Experience Resources for Leaders

Submit an Improvement Idea

You can submit an idea for improvement here. Ideas will be directed via Diane Sliwka, MD to appropriate leaders and responses will be provided. 

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