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Resources for Physicians

Welcome to UCSF!

As a physician at UCSF Health, your well-being and success are important to our collective success, including the health of our patients, the education of our learners and the breakthroughs we can make in our scientific endeavors. Below are some resources that may be helpful to you along the way. If you have questions or suggestions for this resource list, please contact [email protected].

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Wellness & Community strives to make UCSF a great place to work, learn, teach, and discover by supporting the wellbeing of faculty, staff, students, and trainees through initiatives and programs that contribute to wellness, engagement, and community. 


Caring for the Caregiver

Many resources exist to support your well-being. These include formal mental health resources through COPE and the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program as well as peer support and assistance with navigating the many resources through Caring for the Caregiver. “Self serve” resources such as articles and webinars can be found here as well as consultations for team based debriefings. The work experience improvement toolkit includes data reports from Physician Experience Surveys over the last 5 years, and summarizes organizational efforts to improve the structures and systems in which we all work to support you better.

Faculty Mentorship

Mentoring is a critical component of career advancement for all health science faculty. It has been defined as a multifaceted collaboration between a junior and senior professional with the primary goal being the nurturing of the junior professional’s development.


Faculty Handbook

This handbook, developed and designed by the UCSF Academic Senate, provides essential information about faculty appointments, advancement and promotion, as well as information about faculty life and campus resources.


Academic Affairs

The Office of the Vice Provost, Academic Affairs, and Faculty Development facilitates the recruitment, development, mentoring and retention of the highest-caliber diverse faculty. We provide leadership, training, and guidance in the development and implementation of policies and procedures relating to academic personnel. We are committed to improving the work life and academic environment for faculty to support innovative and collaborative approaches for education, research and health care at UCSF.


Clinician Researcher Resources
Clinical Resources

A number of resources are available to support you in your clinical practice:

Expense Reimbursement

MyExpense is the UCSF Campus automated reimbursement system for employee travel and non-travel, and guest travel reimbursement.


Communication with Patients

Many resources are available to support you in optimizing communication with patients. These include in person/Zoom training courses based on relationship centered communication skills, telehealth resources and tips, and face cards (photo business cards that help patients understand your role). The Star Ratings program for adult ambulatory physicians shares your patient feedback from patient experience surveys on your online profile as a way to help patients know more about your practice and to support your online reputation/branding as a physician at UCSF.

Internal Communications

A number of written and video communications routinely provide information to keep you connected to our larger organization and leaders.

  • EVCP Expresso Newsletter by Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Dan Lowenstein provides a monthly deep dive sharing his perspective on numerous initiatives taking place at UCSF
  • One Good Thing by Chief Physician Experience Officer Diane Sliwka provides a weekly snapshot of a tip or resource to improve the work experience at UCSF Health.
  • TEK talks feature Talmadge King, Dean of the School of Medicine providing his perspectives on issues relevant to our campus community
  • COVID19 Infectious Disease Updates and COVID 19 Clinical updates for UCSF Health provide vetted real time information regarding what you need to know about COVID 19 locally, nationally as well as for your clinical practice at UCSF Health
  • The UCSF Health True North Newsletter features articles about our improvement efforts across our True North Pillars.
Anti-Racism Resources

All of us play a role in helping make UCSF and UCSF Health an anti-racist organization. Resources for your professional development and information about these efforts can be found through the Office of Diversity and Outreach and the School of Medicine Difference Matter.


My Family Resources

My Family Resources provide support services across the continuum of family life including child care, eldercare, lactation, special needs and many more.

Women in Medicine

​A number of resources are in place to support women at UCSF and UCSF Health. This body of work focuses on achieving gender equity in work experience, salaries, advancement and promotion, representation in leadership positions, and more.

LGBTQ+ Resources

UCSF is continuously working to serve our LGBTQ+ patients and people to promote equity, an inclusive work environment and world class patient care. Many resources exist to help support you as an LGBTQ+ clinician, as an ally, and in your care of LGBTQ+ patients.

Information about LGBTQ+ health concerns, how to find an LGBTQ provider at UCSF, UCSF Health LGBTQ+ policies & practices, UCSF LGBTQ health care & research, and more

An events calendar, newsletter, Out List, and wide-ranging resources for LGBTQ+ faculty, staff, and learners

UCSF LGBTQ+-focused Clinical Services.

Leadership Training Programs

A number of opportunities to apply for Leadership Training Programs are available to you as you progress through your career at UCSF.



Recognize a Colleague

Barbara Fredrickson is quoted, “The negative screams at you, but the positive only whispers.” At UCSF, we strive to build on the strength of our colleagues and teams and to emphasize when we see the good in others. Use the Recognize Platform to notice the good that people do around you and provide them formal recognition. These will be cc’d to their managers and can also be shown publically on the website, if you choose.


Medical Staff Affairs and Governance

The Office of Medical Affairs and Governance (OMAG) is one of the first offices that providers interface with when they first join UCSF Health. The office is responsible for one of the largest organized health system medical staffs in California with nearly 4800 providers. OMAG oversees the credentialing and privileging that allows for clinical practice at UCSF Health in addition to the payer health plan paneling process that allows a patient to select a UCSF provider for care and treatment. New providers can learn more about OMAG and other important things like the medical staff bylaws/rules/regulations that governs provider practice in addition to regulatory governance, physician wellbeing, and peer review by visiting Medical Staff Affairs and Governance.

Learning and Organizational Development

Our purpose is to Lead Talent Development Strategies which inspire professional excellence, and attract, develop, and retain outstanding and diverse people, who together Advance health worldwide.


Outside Activities

The University of California policy on conflict of commitment and outside activities and the disposition of income earned from outside professional activities provides guidance for the identification and management of outside professional activities in order to avoid conflicts of commitment, while assuring that Health Sciences Compensation Plan (the “Plan”) participants may engage in a wide array of outside activities without unnecessary limitations.


DEA License Renewal

When it is time to renew your DEA license, remember to check off the “Certification for Fee Exemption” box on the DEA application. With this, you will not need to pay any renewal fees.You can list our Division Manager as the certifying official.

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